Ann Arbor, Michigan

I am the queen bee of this household. What I say goes. If you don't like it hit the road. These humans keep bringing other cats into this house and then I have to work on setting them straight as to who is boss. Eventually, they learn but it takes a while for some. I prefer if they bring in kittens as they are no trouble to set on the right path.
Zoey died on March 26, 2021. This is heart breaking, as for the third time in as many months I write about another loss. Zoey came to us about 15 years ago as an adult. It was estimated that at the time she was about 2-4 years old. She was a sweetie. She ruled the household and all the cats knew it. It was always her way. If she didn't like something even the humans knew it. She had quite the voice. We loved her. She had been loosing weight for several months and it was difficult to figure out the cause. Many visits to the vet and finally the cause became evident but to late to do anything. Not that we would subject any animal to such medical treatment. The time finally came to say goodbye. She is in kitty heaven with her feline friends: Quinny, Kylie, Junior, Dolly, Amber, Toby, Lila, Anikin, Dexter, Ally and Punkin. She knew them all except for Ally. God take care of them till I come to take over.