Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hi, my name is Toby (at least that is what these people call me). I was dumped along with Junior near these humans home. Junior decided early to go inside their home but I wasn't so sure. I ended up spending the winter and part of the summer outside before I felt comfortable about giving these humans a shot. However, by then I was in poor health, but these people took care of me and got me healthy again. I am very appreciative of what they have done for me.
Human Note: Toby is the most loving, affectionate cat we have ever encountered. How can humans be so cruel to dump him in the middle of winter. God brought him to us and I am sure He will remember those that dumped him.
Human Note #2: Toby passed away on September 29, 2017. He spent seven years with us and those were wonderful years. We will miss him.