Ann Arbor, Michigan
See my picture in the Cat Fancy Day to Day Calendar on November 7, 2008.
Tarquin died on February 8, 2021. Another difficult decision had to be made today. Quinny was coming on 16 years. A couple of months ago he developed thyroid issues but fortunately that got under control. Even so, he continued to lose weight. It turned out that he had developed tumors that were limiting his ability to swallow. Today the vet advised us that it was time to let him go. And so we did. Quinny always was a very shy cat and would always hide when we had company. Nobody ever saw him except Stef and I. He also was more of an indoor cat. Occasionally he would venture outdoors but always insight of the house door. The house is really feeling empty right now even though we have 6 more munchkins.