Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hi. My name is Amber. Do I look familiar? Everyone think I am the spitin image of Tarquin. You would think that we would be the best of friends, but for some reason, Tarquin hates me. He is always agressive towards me. Everyone else loves me. I am very tiny for a 4 year old. I am an orange female which is not very common. These people found me at the shelter where I lived for 6 months. Prior to that I was a stray. I am one of the very lucky ones. Please help all my friends at the shelter find a permanent home.

Amber died on October 17, 2018 after a short illness. She was about 11 years old. She was also very small, only weighing in at 6 lbs. She was my little girl, always at my side as I worked on my fossil catalog or this web page.